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Burgoning Bridezilla [entries|friends|calendar]

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oh yeah...i got married! [08 Jun 2005|08:42pm]
[ mood | tired ]

You remember when i was all palnny planny for my wedding? well, it happened, now i'm married, and i guess i forgot to ever post pictures! I'm sorry! i was axtually planning to write up a big post all about the whole day, i even know exactly what i'm going to say, but i am always too tired or lazy or busy. someday soon i shallw rite up a big essay on"My Wedding Day", but for now, here are some photos! theres are actually the only shots i have on the computer right now. i got all the negatives from my mother a few months ago, but to get reprints of film is expensive, it costs per photo printed rather than for the whole roll. so i hae to wait until i have spare money efore i get my 6 rolls of film reprinted! then i'll have a million more photos to show you. hehehe. and the whole satory of the whole day.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is my wedding chariot! It's my dad's Combi, if you look closely you can see the wedding Barbie and Ken dolls that my mum bought and had attached to the front of the car. Heheh,  i lvoed that, it was so ME.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is the bridal praty walk down the "aisle", which was a bit of a hill. there was a pretty little hill with stairs leading UP to the ceremony site, which was covered voe rin trees. MY brother and his girlfriend decorated the area and the stairs with rose petals and little posys of flowers and ribbons of the  wooden hand rail. the guests waled up the stairs to to get to the site. so did my bridemaids. then ia rrived from a different direction, i came out of the combi, which we parked at the top of another incline, and walked down the grassy area.heheh, tricked those wedding guests good! My bridemaids came across the grass to meet me and help me out of the car, and my dad took myarm to walk me across the grass (aisle). I was scanning the grass for james and when i saw him, tears welled up in my eyes. i donmt know why! by theni was so scared (or nervous) that i asked dad to hold my hand, and i held onto his very tight until we got to the area.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The Bride and Groom being married. My father is there standing between us because the stupid celebrant included the "who goves this girl away" part, even though i had specifically told her i didnt want it in there, just my dad would walk me down the aisle. stupid old woman. ALSO, i had written the wedding ceremony,  some of my own writing and some peiced together fro other ceremonies, and i had posted in a wedding community here on lj. when you do such a thing, you dont include last names. one girl commented on ym post with a few suggestions, which i copy and pated into my ceremony. that girl had mad eup my last name for one part of the suggestion, which i accidently copied, saved, and sentto the celebrant. i immediately  told her about the error, and that hill is not my actualy last name, thomson is, and she would need to change the document is ent her. unfortunately she was stupid, and called me "Cassandra hill" during my wedding ceremony! i had to laugh and say "thats noit my name!" but luckily, she got it right on the actualy marriage certificate! soon after the ceremony began, i grabbed james' hand and didn't let go until we had toe xchange rings. one part of the ceremony calls for the bride and groom to clasp hands, but we already were, and everyone laughed. also, james left his sunnies on for the first minute or ywo of the ceremony, and he had a big fumble around not knowing where to put them. hee, cutie!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

ahh the kiss. we actually had to do this twice because the celebrant didn't think everyone got enough time to take the photos.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
The wedding party, minus the best man because he was taking pictures. from the left;
Rochelle (my best friend), bridesmaid; Dannielle (my sister), Girly Girl of Honor ( we thought maid sounded so old); Father of the Bride; Mother of the Bride; Bride;Groom;Mother of the Groom.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

James and I posing for photos after the ceremony. You know at the end of a wedding ceremony, where everyone congratulates the happy couple, and the wander round to everyone? well we didn;t really know what to do, so we just kinda split up! we walke din 2 different direction, he wwent to his family and i went to my friends and family. no one really told us we should walk around together. wish soemone had, felt kind weird to get amrried, be kissing and hugging everyone who is patting you on the back, but not havingthe guy you just married right next to you :(

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Guests. from left: Bonnie (my brothers girlfriend); My brother, Dylan; Dannielle; Elliane (a friend of my sister and I. she was the entertainment before the ceremony, she sang and played guitar); and Dylan, a friend of my mothers.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

My sister and he boyfriend. Because she wa sin all white, and he was in a nice white shirt, everyone looks at the photos and thinks we had a double wedding. hehehehe. as i said to Danni, she and Jason could just sign the papers, they already have the photos.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

James and I with  friends Briellen and Darryl.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Danni fixing my dress.

so thats about it for now. at leats you had a good look see at my dress!

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19 days to go. [08 Nov 2004|03:55pm]
today i got my first wedding present!hehe, it was from a customer, it was so sweet. it's a nice black picture frame, with four seperate picture slot things. the kind of picture frame i would buy myself, if  i could justify spending money on picture frames! i gave her a hug and a kiss and tod her she didn't need to get me anything, but she said i look after her so she felt like i deserved it. awwwww.

so, i'm started to get excited. not  nervous, not yet anyway. i've got everything i need for the wedding, and so does everyone involved, everything is booked and planned. i am really keen to get it all over and done with, so i can just ENJOY it all. but having customers coming in everyday and asking me how much longer, and some even TELLING me how much longer to go [  they are keeping track better than i do!], i'm sure that's going to make me start to get nervous fairly soon. luckily this week i have gigs and stuff to think about

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RANT [04 Nov 2004|05:25pm]
so my mum and sister STILL haven sent out those letters they promised to send, letting people know of our registry[or our preferred alternative of cash donations or gift vouchers] in a non-tacky way, and other relevant info reguarding directions and shit. it's three weeks till the wedding, i have people calling asking where we are registered and what we want, i wish mum and danni would just get off thewir arses and send the thing out already! i just know that by the time they send it out, half the guests will have bought us some cutlery, or some nice wine glasses, or a fucking TOASTER, shit we dont need. would have been easier to have that info on the directions sent out with the invites. WHATEVER, i dont care about gifts, i just don't want to have people waste their money on crap we dont want or need, and then have to lie through our teeth about how much we love it and how we use it all the time.
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30 days to go! [28 Oct 2004|11:38am]

i suggested to james that hius kother make a fruitcake for the wedding. she asked if she could help with anything, and i know she makes a popular fruitcake. i dont like it, whence i am having choc-orange mud cupcakes as my weddiung cake. i told my mother that james' mum is making a nice fruitcake, for those who like the traditional wedding cake, etc, and she suggested we could use that cake AS THE WEDDING CAKE for photos and stuff.i couldnt believe it. i shiut her down rather quickly though, telli8ng her i didn;t want a traditional white wedding cake, that i want cucakes as THE wedding cake, thats why i said in the first palce i didn;t want white wedding cake, but cupcakes instead. see, cause i DONT want a white wedding cake. what i WANT is a cupcake tree. i thkinkms he gpot the message. hahaha.

my mum is funny. when thgere are things about this wedding that i say i dont want, or can't afford,  she will say ok, then wait for me to change my mind. and when i don't, she goes ahead and does it herself! like with the barie and ken dolls, that she wants to have on the front of the combi[my wedding car! cool as]. i told her i couldnt afford them [they're like, $50 each or soemthing!] so she bought them herself! thats fien with me. then i told her we'd decided not to have alcohol aat the reception as we can simply not afford it, it's an afternoon reception so it wont be really neccesary, and james and i don't partoicularly want to be drunk all afternoon. so now she says she doesnt mind putting in soem money for a few bottles of wine and stuff. i think she just doesnt want her PISSPOT mother[my grandmother] to complain that we are being cheap or doing it allw rong, just cause theres no chardy for her to swill.

ohhhh, this must be the first mother/wedding drama i've posted about. woo hoo, i must REALLY be getting married now!
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32 days to go [27 Oct 2004|08:16am]
Just bought the tix for the Tea Party! told james it's my wedding present to him. Feels really dumb to be buying concert tix when i havewnt yet bought my wedding ring, but thats the way it goes, i guess. i justw anna get everyhting organbised, so i can at least stop BOOKING or ORDERING  things. i jusy wanna pay for everything already!

recieved more rsvp's. My granma ans grandfather are coming, but my uncle that lives ewith them is not. my family  have all rsvp'ed, but of course they'llall be there. most of james' family has rsvp'ed as well, and so far no one else has said no. yay!can't wait for al;l this to be OVER already! i eman, not that i want to be done with it, but when we come to the day, or at least the week beforehand, ic an stop worrying weather i'll hve enough money or not, etc. and i can just ENJOY the day.
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[23 Oct 2004|07:01pm]
we have recieved 2 RSVP's, From Lisa(the ex lead singer of the band), and Jeff, James' boss. both Declined the invitation. James spoke to his mother, who said everyone up there got their invites. She is putting some money in James' account, and we wonder how much it will be. It will help for James to buy new sahoes and any other things he may want for the day. I hope my mum and sister have sent out the letter thing already. they are sending a letter to everyone invited,  explaining things like the BYO booze, the typre of gift we'd prefer, etc. If they dont send it out soon, i efar we may have a few crystal vases, toasters and towel sets to cart home. BAH!

i am looking forward to being married. that is the important thing. the day will be fun, but as the day draws nearer, i find msyelf being mroe excited by the thought os seeing the Tea Party while we're in QLD,  staying at versace[kinda overshadowed by the fear we wont be able to PAY for it!], seeing all my friends and possibly meeting some i havent met yet. i REALLY look forward to changing my name and whatnot. that'll be kinda difficult, to get round to changing ALL my cards and details and shit, but it'll be good. Mrs Cassandra Wall. prtety damn cool.
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[20 Oct 2004|05:16pm]
my corset arrived! it is very pretty, and i think it makes a fair difference in the overall shape of the dress. the dress is quite bulky though, so it wont be figure hugging. it will still be pretty though!

and james got his clothes too. i ahvent seen them yet [ he hasnt picked them up] but they are just nice black pants and shirt, with white pinstripes. he will look so handsome!

invitations all posted out! some people in melbourne will ahve recieved theirs today. wee! so now allw e need to do is, save ltos of money,do some trial runs of food, and write up a  wedding itinerary.
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[18 Oct 2004|04:15pm]
well on saturday i went to piuck up the envelopes, they were pretty and red, and were almost the same red as the invites. but they were too small. after all that waiting, i had to take them back and just buy white envelopes as we dont have time to wait for more red envelopes. but it's ok. i just wanna get them out already. so james and i will get them typed up and get the maps cut out and put the rsvp's all together and have the READY TO POST! must remember to pout the stamps on the rsvp's BEFORE we seal  the invitation envelopes. hehehe.

can't eait to pick up my ring. james is buying his wedding clothes this week, i dont know what he's gonna get. some pants and a shirt, maybe a suit, i dunno. but i'm sure it'll be nice, and he will look yummy.

very evry tired. don;t have any money, lots of thing to pay for. weddings are very hard, it would have been nice if some of our family had offered to chip in. i mean, aside from james' very elderly mother who lives by herself and had to have her dog put down. ia ctually had tot ell my family to STOP buying things, because they were buying things for the weddi ng that they wanted to have, and expect me to pay for it all. lucky they're doign alot of hands on stuff, otherwise i'd tell them to send all their shit back cause i can't afford it.

woo, guess i'm pretty grumpyface today!
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6 WEEKS TO GO [15 Oct 2004|04:58pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

today i went to pick up my wedding band. it's just a plain white gold band,  very simple and will look nice on me, as i'm not a ring wearing perosn much. cause of the work i do, my hands are cnstantly in water and chemicals and detergents and shit.  so i got 18 carat instead of 9, as it will not damage so easily or quickly. but iw ent to pick it up and it was very very thin. so, not the ring i wanted. apparenbtly the one i chose was a 4 mil, and the one the sent was a 2 mil. boo! she ordered it again and said she would pick it up in about a week. i'm fine, ti's probably best i don't have it  now anyway, i would only have wanted to wera it! james has been wearing his for weeks, on this other hand. it is gold, and belonged to his dad. it looks nice on him.

invitations are finished and set to go, as are the RSVP's, and tomorrow i am picking up the envelopes. we will have the invites ready to send on monday! which emans people in melbourne will recieve them on tuesday, and  our interstate people will recieve them on... thursday! yayy! then they have one and a half weeks to RSVP. thats enough time, i hope. doesnt really matter, we dont need to give a headcount to a caterer or anything.

bought my wedding day perfume yesterday. it's claled Island Kiss, and it smells like passionfruit. VERY YUMMY, it smells so edible. it's light and fresh and sweet and fruity and so so perfect for my dress. james had a smell and said it was yummy too.which ois good, i wanted to smell yummy!

still waiting for my corset to arrive.

this is the one i've ordered. i think it'll go perfectly under my dress. it's low cut so wont how abouve my dress, and will be a good base for the dress.apparently i will get an email when they have sent it out, but as yet i am still waiting. oh well, if it gets toi 2 weeks before the wedding, i'll just go to this other store i know se;lls it. it costs more but  that cant be helped. but OH i want my corset to arrive already!

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As Promised, WEDDING DRESS PICTURES! [23 Sep 2004|08:44am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i'm not a big fan of these pics, they do not do the dress justice. Rochelle and i are still getting the hang of how to tie the thing around me,  so the dress does sit exactly the way it should. Excuses excuses. but we willl keep practicing and on the day it will be SPECTACULAR! also, i look like shit. i was mega tired and hadn't done my hair properly. also, the dress still had tags on. stupid tags.boo! ah, what the hell, here they are: hot pink and orangeCollapse )

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[22 Sep 2004|12:59pm]
Today i will start on the invitations, if i get a chance. or perhaps tomorrow.

i still have to make the little guestbook, and book our flights home and i am fast running out of money. FARK.

remember, wedding dress pics this afetrnoon!
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The Dress is so beautiful [11 Sep 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I havent yet anwrapped it from the bags, so of coruse have no photo's. But they will come! Oh yes. Until then, i will have to tell you about it, although by description alone it sounds horrendous.

HOT PINK AND ORANGE! It's fucking fantastic.

beautiful length of orange tulle, slightly irridescent, tied around my waist, it is floor length,

Over the top, another length of tulle, also slightly irridescent, this one hot pink. tied around the waist, with the extra fabric at the back all bunched up, kinda like a little bustle.

pink boob tube. over the top of this, another length of orange tulle, this one with lots of little gorgeous orange flowers sewn randomly. this peice is wrapped around my torso, falls on a bias, to about my knees, and is tied up and pinned behind my back, the excess material adcding to the bustle effect.

so gorgeous.

and on top, a lovely beaded tiara TYPE headpeice. It's  wire, all twirly, with assorted hot pink, light pink, clear pink and white beads. it's so gorgeous, and that  will be pinned onto the side of my head[ not the VERY side,  more like angled abouve my ear. my hair will be up, and msot likely, with some pink still in it.

IT'S SO FANTASTIC, i can't wait to post pictures!

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[07 Sep 2004|11:37am]
Ohhh i am excited!

I got a receipt from the celebrant, so she has the money and evefrything is booked. HUZZAH!  so now all i need to get a move on it my dress. Sadly the friend that was going to help me has had to cancel as she is going to be too busy. I need to find someone else to make it, and i am leaning towards getting a professional dressmaker to do it. Because there's less than 3 months to go, i need to know the dress can and will be finished by a due date but if i try to get another person who makes dresses and such on the side, then they may become too busy with work or school or other pursuits. so, a professional i am thinking. however it depends on how much they will charge, ancd if they are willing toi come to the store to check out what i want. if it's mroe than a few hundred dollars and tey are not willing to veiw the dress i want kmine based on, then i may as well just buy the dress i want, even if it is really expensive. i guess now i have the credit card i dont have to worry SO much that it's out of my price range. Also, it wouldnt be such a bad idea to go for anothjer look and see if there ARE any other pre made dresses that i like.

things are moving along!

james and i will start on the invitations any day now. we have the prototype and all the materials, even a typewriter. we just need to have a few hours specifically for making invitations. i also need to order the envelopes. i was thinking red but now i may look into black, because the red will be a slightly different shade and looks kinda tacky. that tacky red, you know the kind. the black looked good but i need to figure out how i'll get the addresses onto the black, whithoiut using stickers or anything. i might go into the paper store and ask for their help.

oi wish there was more i could do in advance. lots of the stuff [food, flowers, decorations] are things that cant be done until ma day or two before hand. meh. anyway, it's all finally coming together nicely and i'm getting poretty ex cited. canpt wait to see james' face when that limo turns up! ROCK!
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[03 Sep 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | excited ]

The honeymoon is booked! three nights at the luxurious Palazzo Versace! I even got a discounted rate because i'm staying more thna one nighT HUZZAH! i's going to be soooooo nice and romantic and lovely, i can't wait! it's the one thing i was willing to soend lots of money on. hahah, most brides would spend ltos of photographers, and food, or the venue, but i'm pulling in every single family memeber to helpo me have a nice wedding. rah rah rah, i'm exzcited. i wanna go on my honeymoon RIGHT NOW!

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[01 Sep 2004|03:39pm]
fuck man, how hard is it to find a black limo on the gold coast? seems like white is the new blacxk. whered all the black limos go?
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[01 Sep 2004|11:13am]
Today i am off to pay for a money order and sent it to the celebrant!yay! this is the first thing to be actually booked and paid for. this means , now, the wedding is official. huzzah!
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[31 Aug 2004|01:21pm]
I just called the celebrant and confirmed the date with her. Then i emailed the ceremony to her. She was so impressed and pelased to hear we'd worked out or own  ceremony and vows. Yay. So tomorrow i will be sending up the payments and the notice of intended marriage.

Just got an email back from Palazzo Versace. i have de cided we WILL stay there. it will be nice. They told me the package i was interested in will be not extended longer than their advertised time, but offered a couple of other packages, one the romance package, sound pretty damn good. but i am not sure if it is cheaper to do it that way, or to book the room and the extras sepearately. wijth the romance package you get these things:

"Full buffet breakfast for two adults daily
One hour massage in Salus per Aquum – our health spa
Romance Package set up in your room
(Romance package includes: One bottle of sparkling wine on ice, rose petals sprinkled throughout your room,
a drawn spa – full of bubbles, a herb bag, fragrant aroma by our provided oil burner,  CD Player playing your favourite music
and 20 tea light candles to create that intimate romantic feel)
Complimentary newspaper daily
Complimentary access to Salus per Aquum – our health spa
Complimentary valet parking"

$645 a night. thats the cheapest room [ but it doesnt look cheap by any means.]. i emailede the person abck asking which would be the best way to go.hopefully they';ll cut me some kind of deal!
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Things to do: 89 days to go! [30 Aug 2004|03:50pm]
1. get james to read and OK the ceremony.
2. call the celebrant and confirm the date, and let her know i'm sending  stuff up to her.
3. get money order for celebrant organised.
4.  pay back mum for plane tickets.

thats just the stuff i havent done yet but was supposed to have done already!

annnndddd....my hair is getting long, which james is happy about. apparently he loves long hair. i told him i love long hair too and he should grow his for the wedding also!
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the ceremony! [25 Aug 2004|12:30am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

i just finished writing up the ceremony! god i am so fucking glad that is done!Collapse )

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invitations [24 Aug 2004|11:24pm]
i just finished putting together the wording and the maps for the invitaion! nand we made a little example invite tonight. we just need to get a typewriter to type the invites. i know we have a while to get them done, but i dont want to be rushing anything! the invitation are sqare black card, with  a silver flecked red paper sqare , pinned on with cute little red splice pin things...the name is on the tip of my tongue yet eluding me for the moment.

now i am going to work further on the ceremony. iwant to be able to send a rough copy to the celebrant lady. i'm kinda worried she will say no to doing it this way, and i want to make sure of that before it gets too late.
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